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Snorkelling is a simple way of observing the underwater world and getting in contact with it. By using simple equipment this type of sea excursion enables participants to observe the sea depths and to have fun in the water without needing to be skilful swimmers.

To guarantee maximum enjoyment of the wonders of the sea participants will be accompanied by an expert guide. During the excursion the guide will share with participants useful information on the sea creatures spotted and on the characteristics of the place, as well as showing the best observation spots to watch fascinating scenery and sea life. The guide will also give useful advice on equipment and techniques to be used when entering or exiting the water.

Every day the resorts organise snorkelling day excursions, whereas our diving centres organise guided snorkelling night excursions. Soon after sunset, equipped with underwater torches, participants will be able to admire the changing colours and observe which species of fish sleep and which hunt at night.

Minimum equipment includes mask, flippers and snorkel. A snorkelling jacket is advisable for those wishing to feel safer or to rest on the surface. All equipment can be hired at the diving centre.

Putting your feet on the sea bed is not allowed, with the exception of sandy areas, as flippers might cause irreparable damage to the delicate corals. Bumping into corals can also result in skin abrasions.


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