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ALBATROS TOP DIVING also thinks of children!

The first exciting approach to the sea undoubtedly starts with the first mask, snorkel and pair of flippers, which enable a child to start exploring what lies underneath the surface of the sea !!!

As in a game, children are taught to use this new equipment correctly, thus improving their water skills with each passing day.

These are the first steps towards a real dive with cylinders!
Thanks to the PADI SEAL TEAM & BUBBLEMAKER programme already at the age of 8 children can play and have fun making air bubbles, swimming and breathing underwater. This is how the next generation of scuba-divers are trained but it is also a way of keeping the family together, particularly at the best of times… during the holidays.


 It’s a new way of enjoying this wonderful activity with mum and dad. The equipment used has been specifically designed for this innovative programme: reduced size cylinders, anatomic jackets made with soft materials, ergonomic mouthpieces, top quality masks and flippers, etc...


Programmes are carried out at a maximum depth of 2.00 metres with the help of qualified instructors who teach the information needed for practising scuba-diving safely through play and fun, at the same time making children sensitive to the knowledge and respect of sea life.

Finding themselves face to face with a puffer ball fish, patting a sea turtle, watching a moray eel in its hideaway… all these will be unforgettable emotions which will spark off in children that passion and love for the sea which sometimes can change lives.. 

Naturally this is only the beginning. Ten-year-olds can experience another new, great thrill: the Open Water Junior, the first real diving course!

The adventure never ends... 

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